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Project Runway Season Six Betting Pool

Make It Work

Project Runway Season 7 Betting Pool
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Countdown to Project Runway Season 7, premiering on January 14th, 2010

Basic rules
For those of you unfamiliar with how a pool works, every entrant gives an equal amount of money ($5) towards a prize, which the winner eventually receives.

The prize for the season seven pool has yet to be decided, and depends on how many people play. The more people we get, the better the prize can be, so encourage people you know to participate! Possible prizes include Project Runway t-shirts, DVD sets, and such. The first pool prize was a Tim Gunn bobblehead given to the winner. The second was a set of Project Runway mugs, given to the top four contestants.

Every week I will make a poll for the upcoming episode which you will have until 7pm PST, Thursday to vote on. Pick who you think will win that episode's challenge, and who is going to be eliminated. A correct guess will score you a point. In cases where multiple people are eliminated, you will get your point as long as you picked one of them.

Late entrants
I have no problem with people entering late, though they'll be at a disadvantage. The only rule is that your decision of whether to participate in the pool is final. It's not fair for people who are doing well to suddenly decide they want to be eligible to win, nor for those with crappy luck to back out (raising the cost for everyone else).